Police line

Two of the four suspected men who yesterday robbed a British American Tobacco delivery vehicle in Pretoria are in police custody. Although one of the suspects is still under police guard following the suspect injuring himself while trying to escape the arrest.

Police were alerted of the robbery and a quickly reacted to the scene. A chase ensued leaving one of the suspects falling down into a culvert and breaking both his legs. Emergency rescue team had to be called to the scene which took nearly an hour to rescue the suspect out of the culvert.

One suspect in his late thirties was found in possession of a firearm while his accomplice was in possession of a knife. The injured suspect was taken to hospital under police guard.

The suspects are faced with armed robbery and possession of firearm charges. Further investigation continues to determine whether the suspect have been involved in other crimes. Police are following possible leads to trace the two suspects who managed to escape in different directions.

Members are applauded for their quick reaction which led to the arrest of two suspects. Police are appealing to anyone with information to come forward and assist the law to take its course against criminals. Operation “When duty Calls” Festive Season will continue to make criminals feel uncomfortable and make their life difficult.

Members will not falter in their endeavours to crack criminals out of their holes including where they plan their criminal acts and place them behind bars for their crimes. Police will not rest, but will strive to make Gauteng province a safer place for all who leaves and do business in it.

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