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I’d like to enquire as what regulations are enforced to verify the accuracy of tyre pressure gauges at petrol garages across South Africa?

This was brought to my attention this morning, in Cape Town, when I went to check up my local BP. The readings indicated 3.9 bar on my front tyres and above 2 bar on the rear. This seriously concerned me, so I then set the pressures to the manufacturer’s specifications. I then proceeded to an Engen garage nearby, where it indicated that different readings, all indicating over inflation. I drive a citi golf and the tyres have been recently replaced and no older than 10,000km.

Please could someone respond as I feel this is a serious issue for motorists out there who rely on these garage readings as accurate.


It is up to the filling station to ensure they calibrate there pressure gauges and there are no stipulated regulations, as far as we know of.

It is most important when checking tyre pressures and or topping up tyre pressures, when the tyres are as cold a possible. So, we always suggest the driver takes his or her car to their closest filling station, ensuring the tyres are topped up with the correct tyre pressure as per the specification in the vehicle’s handbook.

If the driver of the vehicle wants to make 100% certain his vehicles tyre pressures are correct, we suggest he purchase a hand held gauge to check the pressures himself and again only when cold.

Hendri Lups enquiring about correct tyre pressure

Hendri Lups enquiring about correct tyre pressure

We would also like to share some info on Nitrogen in tyres.

The driver can fill the vehicles tyres with nitrogen at any Tiger Wheel & Tyre for a nominal fee. It’s a once off fee and thereafter free top ups for the life of the tyre. Nitrogen have larger molecules so the loss of pressure is far slower than Oxygen. Here’s the best part! The tyres run cooler extending the life of the tyres (depending on his driving style), you need only check the tyre pressure approximately every second month (depending on the number of kilometres driven) at any Tiger Wheel & Tyre. All Tiger Wheel & Tyre staff are trained how to fill tyres at the correct tyre pressure and the gauges are calibrated weekly.

We would like to urge all vehicle owners to pay close attention to tyre safety and view the following sections:

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