To whom it may concern

Please advise me of the following. One of my vehicles registered in my name is being used by someone who will not return the vehicle and there is a legal case against him. In the interim I signed up with Pay fines on the internet and to my horror there are many fines under this registration which I have not received via the post. The fines date back from May this year until now. What should I do with regards to this as I am not the person who was driving the vehicle and at this stage not aware where the vehicle is at.

Please advise as this has added up into the thousands and I have no control over this despite my attorney sent his attorney a letter with these concerns but the fines are still lodged under my ID.


I understand from your email that you signed up with pay fine on the internet. All fines on pay fine are Johannesburg fines. These fines are not on the eNaTIS. These will be infringements where the infringement number starts with 02 4024 XXXXXXXX

You can still nominate a driver on these fines if the infringement date is not older than 32 days, and need to forward your nominations direct to Johannesburg Metro Police Department as the RTMC is not assisting with camera fines issued by Johannesburg.

You need to complete an AARTO 07 form. This form is available on the following website www.aarto.gov.za under forms. You then need to forward this form to the address provided also on the website under contact us for Johannesburg Metro Police Department.

If the infringement date is older than 32 days then you need to do a representation on an AARTO 08 form and also forward the form to the same address.

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