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I have recently gotten my learners license and would love to know if it is still valid for 24 months or has it changed?

i have heard that a person has to have a number of hours before going for your drivers license, is this true? and if so how many hours is it?


Yes, a learner’s licence is valid for 24 months. In terms of the question regarding driving hours prior to application of a driving licence, that is not a requirement for application of a driving licence. A person in possession of a learner licence may apply for the class or category of driving licence authorised by the learner’s licence. The application should be made on form DL1 which can be accesses at the Driving testing centre or on the eNaTIS website (

The application should be accompanied by the following:

• Acceptable ID of the applicant;
• Learner’s licence;
• Photographs of the applicant; and
• The applicable fee.

Hopeful that the response given answers your question.

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