Stop making excusesQuestion:

I a Maintenance Investigator at Brakpan Magistrate Court and on the 25/11/2013 i was attending to one of my cases in Pretoria CBD.

I was using a state vehicle and i parked it on bus parking terminal as there was no parking available around, i left my identity card on the deshboard to show that i was there on official duties.

I came back later to find that the vehicle had been towed and that i had to pay R800.00 for it to be released

I contacted my office to assist and the Court Manager refused to assist, i had to pay the money myself even if i was doing official duties

I was advised at the metro police offices that i can claim the money back from RTMC, please can i be advised with the procedure of claiming the money



Despite what you may think or have been told, there is no exclusion in the National Road Traffic Act or any Municipal Bylaws for drivers of State vehicles other than those referred to in Sections 58 and 60 of the Act to disregard traffic laws.

I am also certain that there is nothing contained in the RTMC Act that obligates them to pay the impound fees charged by any traffic authority with respect to a traffic/parking offence committed by a State employee.

Moreover, parking in a bus terminal robs users of public transport of a safe place in which to board and disembark from public transport vehicles and should never be done by any person, regardless of who they work for.

It is my assertion that you should learn your lesson from your rather costly transgression and avoid breaking traffic laws in future.

Best Regards,

Howard Dembovsky
National Chairman – Justice Project South Africa (NPC)

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