did_you_knowWhen Do you need a PrDP Licence? This was also discussed on Insurance Chat in a Blog post titled “When do you need a Professional Driving Permit?”

We would also like to share 2 other requests for asisstance on this matter:

Example 1:

Question: I will required to transport clients (never more than 10 at a time) on the odd occasion from eg Airport to Hotel

a) Do I require a PDP?

b) How do I go about applying for one (I am in the Pinelands, Cape Town area)?
what documents
what cost

c) what is the implication if I am stopped and I do not have a PDP?


If you are transporting passengers for reward (irrespective of the number) then the driver will require a Professional Driving Permit (PrDP), category P-Passengers.

You must be in possession of a driving licence to operate the class of vehicle and be older than 21.

You can apply for a PrDP at any driving licence testing centre, perhaps try Goodwood, Gallow’s Hill or Milnerton DLTC.

Example 2


Kindly advise when a driver is required to be in possession of a PrDP licence. We need to send some cast to BFN in July, they will be travelling in a Quantam vehicle which can seat about 10. Is the requirement of the PrDP mandatory, irrespective of the amount of pax in the vehicle?


If the vehicle is designed to transport 12 or more persons including the driver, then a PrDP is required.

If the passengers are transported for reward then a PrDP is required,
And if the gross vehicle mass (GVM) exceeds 3 500kg, then a PrDP is required.

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2 thoughts on “If You Transport people for reward you need a PrDP License

  1. Les

    Please advice legally, one of the driver(not employed to drive) was forced to drive security guards with company’s bakkie without pdp.
    Is a normal person allowed to drive guards day/night without pdp just because he/she has drivers licence?

  2. August Mosiane

    question, I have a 14 seater Quantum but is not a taxi,I am using it for specials I also have PDP and my quantum has operates card.When the traffic officers stop me what are they going to need from me?

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