During the past few months we have seen an increase in the number of motorbikes on our roads. This increase might have been brought about by traffic congestion as well as the sharp increases in the cost of travel.

Unfortunately we have also found on the Road Safety websites and blogs many more reports of motorbike acidents. Earlier today we received another report of a bike accident:

“A motorcyclist is fighting for his life in the Netcare Unitas Hospital in Pretoria after his motorcycle struck a car on the N1 near Centurion this morning. Three other light motor vehicles were involved in the smash.

The cause of the accident and the series of events leading up to it remain unclear and will form the subject of a South African Police Force investigation.

Common cause information indicates that all parties had been travelling in the same direction when they collided. The motorcyclist was unable to stop in time and slammed into the rear of a stricken vehicle.

Netcare911 Paramedics arrived at the scene to find that the rider had been thrown from his bike and was in a critical condition lying near the wreckage in the middle of the national freeway.

The man had sustained multi-system traumatic injuries and Netcare911 Paramedics immediately initiated care. The man was intubated and placed on a manual ventilator and once stabilised was transported by ambulance to the Netcare Unitas Hospital for the specialist lifesaving care that he required.
Another woman, seriously injured in the crash, was transported to the same hospital by ambulance.

Traffic on the N1 was adversely affected while emergency service personnel cleared the scene.”

[Update: The motorcyclist critically injured in the pile-up died shortly after arrival at the Netcare Unitas Hospital.]

We would like to urger all Bikers / Motorcyclists to be alert and vigilant at all times.

For Motorbike Safety, we would like to urge all our bikers to view the following sections:

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