Some people fail miserably at staying professional in the vicinity of alcohol. When they trash themselves few of us appear to care – but when they drive impaired and threaten the lives of innocent road users we have more than enough reason to be concerned! We have written much about the dangers of drunk driving and the need for responsible drinking etc. Unfortunately we do not have accurate drunk driving statistics merely because we do not have enough road blocks to regularly test for driver impairment. What we however do know is that there are numerous late night driver crashes , especially during weekends, where we do smell alcohol on the victims!

A Car insurance company recently confirmed that those working at the claims department always tend to fear a month that starts on a weekend – as it means that there may be 5 weekends in that month and this floods them with car insurance clams!

A regular visitor to the Arrive Alive website shared these photos illustrating what appears to be consequences of irresponsible alcohol consumption:

Also view:

The consequences of drunk driving and unlicensed driving explained

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