Is it true that when reversing a car in South Africa that it is NOT necessary FOR THE DRIVER to put on a seat belt?

It defies common sense for this to be so because accidents can still happen when one is reversing, accidents which could be from the side or at high speed from the rear the impact of which can still throw the driver out of their set anyway.

Apparently, K53 at some point advocated that the seat belt need NOT be used by the driver when reversing. Is this true???

Thanks for your help.

Concerned driver


National Road Traffic Act
Regulation 213

(4)  No adult shall occupy a seat in a motor vehicle operated on a public road which is fitted with a seatbelt unless such person wears such seatbelt: Provided that the provisions of this regulation do not apply while reversing or moving in or out of a parking bay or area.

Gavin Hoole
Learner’s Licence and
K53 Driving Licence Test Info


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