Caution-required-with-young-drivers-to-the-matric-danceOn the social website Facebook we find several photos of scholars on their way to the matric dance.

Unfortunately we also can also expect to find reports in the media during the next dew weeks of fatal crashes on the return from the matric dance – and most often from the “after party”.

Many inexperienced drivers will be driving vehicles that they do not usually drive. Not only might these vehicles be more expensive, but of a bigger engine size – and their might be the temptation to impress the partner or other occupants of the vehicle.

Unfortunately more car crashes involving teenagers occur during the matric dance season and school holidays and in some cities the council’s traffic services have urged parents and pupils to ensure they travel safely and do not drink and drive.

It is important that parents and scholars are aware of the threats to the safety of our young road users! Inexperienced driving is a significant threat to road safety and even though the Farewell should be alcohol free – after parties might increase the risk of not arriving alive!

From a car insurance point of view it is important to reflect on what your car insurance policy requires. Will the young driver be stipulated as a driver and does he have a drivers license? Are you aware that an accident claim will be rejected in the event of drunk driving?

We would like to urge all the parents to reflect on the dangers of inexperienced driving – and to ensure that the vehicles on the road to the matric dance is correctly insured!!

If you are in breach of the terms of the car insurance policy –you might not be saying farewell to the years of school – but to your holiday plans and financial security!!

We would also like to share the following advice with your young drivers:

Focus on responsible driving, alcohol free driving and impress your date by caring for her safety!!

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