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Dear Sir/Madam

I have just been to collect my drivers license from the Randburg offices and was told that I had to have my photograph and fingerprints retaken as their submission had been rejected by the service provider as not matching my original fingerprints.

There was another gentleman with exactly the same problem at the same time that I was there and the assistant said that they were getting a lot of rejections from the service provider.

I had originally applied for the renewal with nearly 8 weeks to go before my license expires and now (if I am lucky)I will get it a week after it expires. When I asked what would happen if there was a problem again, the assistant told me that I had 3 months grace from my application. However, I cannot find any proof of this fact anywhere.

Please will you confirm whether the 3 month grace period is correct and please will you also investigate whether this is not a money making scheme whereby the service provider fraudulently keeps charging the municipality for incorrect submissions and, in turn, the municipality forces the ultimate victims of this crime / inefficiency to buy temporary licenses.

Best Regards


When the Card Production Facility (CPF) marks a card as never produced , the municipality does not have to pay a the card production fee when another card is ordered.

The grace period of 3 months is correct if you applied before the date of expiry and the you have the proof (the RMR receipt issued) and the driving licence card.

If you have lost this receipt, the DLTC can issue you with a duplicate receipt free of charge.

Also note regulation 108(6) of the National Road Traffic Regulations, 2000. It was added in September 2003 and amended in 23 July 2004.

(6) (a) Notwithstanding the provisions of subregulation 5(a), where a person has applied for a new driving licence card in the manner contemplated in subregulation 5(b) on or before the expiry date of the driving licence card held by such person and a driving licence of the person concerned has not been suspended or cancelled, that card shall remain valid until the new driving licence card has been issued in terms of subregulation (3) but not for more than three months after the expiry date of such driving licence card.
(b) The provisions of paragraph (a) shall only apply if the holder of the driving licence card is in possession of the driving licence card previously issued to him or her and proof of the fees paid in terms of Regulation 109(2)(c) for a new driving licence card as contemplated in Regulation 108(1).
[Subreg. (6) inserted by R.33(c), GNR 1341 w.e.f. 26 September 2003]
[Subregs (5) and (6) amended by R.19(b), G.N. R.881 w.e.f. 23 July 2004]

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14 thoughts on “Is there a “grace” period at renewal of your driving license card?

  1. Mark

    To whom it my concern.

    I’ve been over sea’s for a while and my drivers licence card expired a long time ago. About two years, can i still renew my drivers licence or will there be a huge penalty to pay as i seriously require the card now that i’m living in SA again.
    Please help it would be great

    Kind regards

  2. Brendie

    I also have the same problem like Mark, my drivers licence expired two years ago and i want to know what will be the procedure in applying for the renewal.



  3. Chrissie

    Hi my husband PDP expired on the 14 June 14 and he did not renew him yet because he is on the road the whole time if he renew it 2 days after its been expired can he still drive the truck but with his prove to say het dit apply for a new one and he did pay

  4. To whom it may concern<
    I have been in and out of SA for quite a while, before I left the 1st time my drivers licence expired and, as I didn't have a car at the time I did not have it renewed. I now desperately need to get my licence renewed…. Please could you let me know if it will still be possible and what the procedures are that I should follow.

    Thanking you in advance

  5. I got fine of driving without linceses. but it was there with me the reason is that 07 days expered the officer dont want to hear any explanation. what to do?

  6. Jabulani

    Can I driver the vehicle if the disc has expired?

  7. tumi

    Can I renew my drivers license after four months maternity leave

  8. melanie

    My license expired six months ago. Will I still be able to renew it? Please help!!

  9. Viola van der Poll

    July 14 2016 at 04:33 am
    My drivers license expired on May 2015.
    And i’m in USA..will only be going back to South Africa in December 2016..
    Will i be able to renew my license?

  10. Viola van der Poll

    Hi my drivers license expired in May 2015. And i’m still in USA.. I will be going back home in December 2016…will i be able to renew my drivers license when i get back..
    Can you please reply.
    Kind Regards.

  11. quentin george

    good day. i have not renewed my drivers licence for about five years now, is it still possible to renew my licence without having to go for the driving test

  12. malesa

    to whom it may Concern

    My driver’s license expired a year ago. i’d liKe to Know if its possible for me to still renew it,and if so,what’s the procedure?

  13. David

    I want to know the grace about the prdp expiring e.g is a month full/how many months

  14. David Moshidi

    I want to know that does PrDP gives a grace and how long is the grace? David From Lephalale Town

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