car-blog-imagesEveryone deserves a break after a long year of hard work – and this includes financial advisers and brokers! It is however also responsible to have contingency plans in place when the interests of others who depend on your services, are at risk as a result of your absence.

Yesterday I received a call from my mom after another elderly lady reversed into the door of her car in a parking area. Fortunately she remained calm and had a good idea of which information to gather after the “accident”. She went to her insurance broker and received guidance from a lady at the office. It appears that the office management have started their holiday and fortunately the office remains open till next week.

This however raises a very important question – can you reach your car insurance broker or car insurer if you are in an accident between Christmas and New Years? Have you been informed of office closures and contact details during this time? It becomes even more important to vehicle owners who are travelling outside of their normal environment where towing companies and vehicle repair shops are not well acquainted with the vehicle owners.

Reaching your car insurance broker is not a dilemma for those insured through direct insurers. They are regularly dealing with the broker on the phone and the broker is not a specific person- – but a company with hundreds of call centre assistants – and staff members are available 24/7.

Many of us have however dealt with individual brokers and family brokerage businesses for many years. It is most likely that the offices of these businesses might be closed from i.e. 20 December – 3 January. It is important that you as vehicle owners will be made aware of contacts and telephone numbers to call in the event of an emergency!

We would like to urge vehicle owners to include this enquiry in their planning before they start their holiday travels. Contact your broker and insurer and have the correct contact details and procedures for insurance claims and repairs available in your vehicle. This small bit of preparation could save you much stress and grief after an accident!

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