Subject: Verifying vehicle reg: MOX 673 NW

I want to buy this vehicle but the seller sounds dodgy and the advert for the vehicle for sale was placed on Junkmail – I would like verification on the vehicle.


There is a vehicle confirmation service the person can apply for confirmation of the details on the vehicle’s registration certificate at any registering authority. There is a nominal fee for this service. The person must supply the details and a certificate will print confirming the details provided.

I must say that the licence number provided does not look correct as the system does not issue licence numbers with vowels. In addition the North West number range has not yet reach M.

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One thought on “It is best to do vehicle verification before you buy a vehicle!!

  1. It makes sense that you would want to have a vehicle verified before you buy it! That way you can find it’s history and know what it’s been through. You wouldn’t want to buy a vehicle only to find out it’s been through a flood!

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