did_you_knowThe Arrive Alive road safety website received an email from a medical doctor asking for information on how to register a vehicle for medical response purposes.

We shared information from Werner Vermaak of ER24 in a Blog Post titled “What is the process to register a vehicle for medical response purposes?”

We would also like to share a few additional comments from Justice Project South Africa on the driving of emergency medical response vehicles and the Rules of the Road and risk of incurring traffic fines.

1. Once you have registered your vehicle as an emergency response vehicle, please make certain to have it fitted with the following if you are going to disregard certain traffic laws:

a. Red flashing lights that can be seen from all angles of your vehicle.
b. A suitable sounding device (siren) to warn other motorists of your approach.

2. Just because one has flashing lights and a siren does not mean that the user may drive how they like and the following must be taken into account.
a. When using such devices, use them only in emergency conditions and make certain that you drive with due care for the safety of other road users.
b. When exceeding the speed limit, do so within reasonable parameters and remember always that you are actually only allowed to exceed the speed limit by no more than 25km/h, regardless of whether it is on a freeway or in an urban area. This is not so much law as an operational procedure which is applied to law enforcement agencies like the JMPD, etc.
c. When approaching a red traffic light and sounding a siren, one must slow right down to ensure that proceeding through it can be done safely, without endangering yourself or other road users.
d. I would strongly recommend that you attend an advanced and high speed driving course through an accredited institution. I am not sure how many of these institutions provide response training but if Werner does not have the contact details for one that does, please contact me and I am sure that I can put you in touch with someone who will be able to assist.

3. With respect to representations, I wish to point out that AARTO is in force in the JMPD and TMPD operational areas and this makes provision for written representations and these must be adjudicated properly in terms of the Act.

Where there are situations that they are not properly adjudicated, and/or when public prosecutors and/or traffic departments do not act reasonably, JPSA can assist you in these matters by taking up the situation on your behalf.

Best Regards,

Howard Dembovsky
National Chairman – Justice Project South Africa (NPC)

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3 thoughts on “Justice Project South Africa advises on emergency medical response vehicles and driving within the law

  1. Good Day

    Where do we go to Register our response / medical vehicles?

  2. Basil

    Hi, I am currently operating a free medical response service for our local community in Port Shepstone. We do do transport patients. We just stabilize the patients on the scene and wait for advanced support to arrive. We have approached our local RTI with this who advice us to register our vehicle to a special vehicle which we did. We have fitted sirens and emergency lighting on them. Is there and other requirements in terms of registering the vehicle.

  3. Elize

    hi Howard
    What is your contact details… and im in limpopo phalaborwa where can i do my advance and high speed driving coarse!!!

    Thanks Elize

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