This past long weekend the Arrive Alive website received numerous reports of vehicle crashes. Prior to the weekend we have added safety suggestions and advice on this and many other blogs. Unfortunately many of these accidents could have been prevented – and many were the result of road users not adhering to the Rules of the Road.

Errant driver skipping traffic lights

The above photo is just one of these examples. A side-impact accident at the intersection of the R25 and Emerald Boulevard left three people injured, one seriously so. It appears that an errant driver ignored the traffic lights and smashed into another vehicle that was crossing the intersection.

When paramedics arrived at the scene they found the twisted remains of both vehicles obstructing the roadway. The driver of one of the vehicles was seriously injured and still seated in the wreckage.

After medics skilfully immobilised her on a trauma board she was removed from the vehicle. The patient was stabilised on scene and then transported to a private hospital in Kempton Park for the care that she required. The two patients that sustained minor injuries were treated on scene and then transported to the Edenvale hospital for further care.

It is sad to see these luxury vehicles damaged – but even more sad to know that innocent road users were injured through the behaviour of an ignorant and reckless driver. Even though this case would be investigated – and there could be other reasons than mere lawlessness contributing to the accident – these accidents simply should not happen!

Intersections, Red Light Accelerators and Green Light Anticipators

Earlier this week I have spotted 3 vehicles crossing a red light. Yesterday I slowed down to stop at the traffic light whilst a vehicle travelling quite a distance behind me still decided to go for it and he crossed the red light at speed!

Many serious accidents occur at intersections through a collision between the red light accelerator and the green light anticipator.

Advice to vehicle owners

We would like to urge vehicle owners to approach intersections with caution. Keep an eye to the side as well for possible lawless drivers. Once your vehicle is crashed into – it is little consolation that you have car insurance in place. Be alert and avoid distractions – especially when entering intersections!!

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