LLumar safetyLLumar provide a number of window film types that can help to increase safety and security.

Glass treatment films applied to the inside of buildings and automobiles hold shattered glass in place, avoiding the danger of flying shards. Optically clear and virtually undetectable, LLumar safety film offers a shield of protection against the unexpected.

LLumar automotive film holds shattered glass in place, reducing the risk of personal injury in a side-impact accident or smash ‘n grab incident.

With the highest UV protection in the industry, LLumar safety film offers protection from the harsh African sun. LLumar films are recommended by the American Skin Cancer Foundation

It can be used on virtually any glass surface – retrofit or new construction.

Contact Tarryn Li Green on (011) 321 8040 or tarryn@llumar.co.za to find out how LLumar films can help to protect you and your property.

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