Would you place your Audi R8 in the middle of a police shootout? This is something most definately not recommended by Car Insurance companies. The reason is clear – Cars are not made to be shot at!

We have found an interesting story on Wheels24 which we would like to share on the Car Insurance Blog as well!

“If you think wild shoot-outs in the ‘burbs are a uniquely South African occurrence, let the destruction of a rather neat white Audi R8 serve to dissuade you of such an opinion.

When German police were called to quell a domestic dispute in the Bayenthal district of Cologne few expected the use of firearms. However, a 51-year old German man was shot four times – and his Audi R8 37 times – when police retaliated after being fired-on.

The unidentified man, now stable in hospital, had threatened his wife by telephone. She caled the police to escort her to the matrimonial home to collect some personal effects. Believing the husband to be armed and dangerous, police sent a special forces team as back-up.


As her husband arrived he started shooting atthe police, escalating the confrontation into car chase during which special forces operators peppered the R8 with 37 bullets – bringing it to a halt and causing some serious deprivation to its resale value.

Moral of the story? Don’t taunt police special forces with a few discharges at the helm of your aluminium-bodied supercar – it’s bound to end rather badly for you, not them…”

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