A 22- year-old male from Chatsworth was arrested by the Umlazi K9 currency detection unit in Pinetown on Wednesday, 2 July 2014. This follows after the suspect made an on-line application to purchase a vehicle at one of the Pinetown auto dealerships worth R135 323.00 using fabricated documents.

When the fraudulent documents were received by the bank’s forensic investigation team, they summoned the Umlazi K9 currency detection who in-turn collaborated with the Provincial Crime Intelligence, Pinetown Visible Policing and Amanzimtoti Task Team. The K9 members formulated a strategic plan to arrest the suspect when he went to collect his new vehicle at the auto dealer after endorsing his purchase. It is alleged that the suspect acquired the false bank documents with inflated figures for him to get an approval from the bank to purchase a Corsa utility bakkie.

The suspect has been charged with fraud and is due to appear at the Pinetown Magistrates’ Court on Friday, 4 July 2014.

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