quad-bikeQuad bike insurance is regarded as a specialized type of insurance. Although many insurance companies are willing to provide insurance quotes, there are companies who have decided to focus on this niche market – and it is advised that quad bike owners do their research to find the most comprehensive quad bike insurance cover at competitive prices!!

All –Terrain Vehicles –in South Africa mostly referred to as Quad Bikes were originally built in Japan for use in isolated, mountainous regions. All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are motorised vehicles with three or four wheels and large, low-pressure tires. They are designed to be used by a single operator in off-road areas, not on public roads.

Today they can be found on recreation areas, farms, in the forest, nurseries etc. Excellent weather conditions, rugged terrain and extreme sports enthusiasts makes South Africa the perfect spot for off road quad biking. Many people are enjoying the thrill of riding up and down hills and jumping over ditches. This has unfortunately also brought about many accidents, fatalities and injuries. Most accidents are caused by fast, fearless riding combined with a very harsh environment. Due to the lack of sufficient protective attire, especially head protection, accidental falls may prove to be fatal.

Injuries can range from minor bruising and lacerations to more serious head injuries. Most of these injuries are preventable and have been caused by improper use of the Quad Bikes [ATV’S]. The most common causes are unsafe speed, drinking and driving, driving on paved roads and into regular traffic, driving in unsafe weather conditions, and driving without proper supervision or training.

It is these injuries that motivated the developers of the Arrive Alive road safety website to partner with the Quad Bike community in the development of the Quad24.co.za website.

On Quad24 all the outdoor quad bike enthusiasts can not only share routes and beautiful photos of the scenery across beautiful Southern Africa – but also gain information on how to enjoy this exhilarating experience in safety!!

We would like to share a few safety suggestions from Quad24 on how to avoid injuries:

  • Never ride under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.
  • Wear appropriate protective kit, especially an SABS approved helmet at the very least.
  • It is advised to wear boots and chest protective gear as well as this can prevents many injuries.
  • Never carry a passenger on a single-rider vehicle – this could upset the balance of the vehicle and cause you to lose control. The operator needs the entire seat to safely negotiate rough terrain.
  • Do not drive the quad bike on streets, highways or paved roads or pavements – They are not designed for use on paved surfaces and may be difficult to control.
  • Do not ride at excessive speeds. Quad bikes have a short wheelbase and manoeuvrability, could be very unstable and easily flip on uneven ground. Go at a speed that is proper for the terrain, visibility conditions, and your experience.
  • Be especially cautious when approaching hills, turns, and obstacles and when operating on unfamiliar or rough terrain.
  • Keep at least 10 feet between your vehicle and other vehicles – adequate separation will permit safe braking and avoid dust, spray or stones that may be thrown up.
  • Do not attempt wheelies, jumps, or other stunts.
  • Keep your feet on the footrests, riding single at all times.
  • Another major cause of ATV accidents is failure to ride within their skills. Stay away from tough riding areas such as steep inclines and extremely rough terrain, until riding skills have developed.
  • Always be aware of the changing road and weather conditions
  • The manufacturer’s recommendations for operation and maintenance must be followed at all times.
  • When braking – begin to slow down early. Look straight ahead when you are stopping in a straight line. Look around the turn as you slow in a curve. Shift to lower gear as you decelerate.
  • When turning – You must be able to coordinate speed and body position to maintain balance while turning. Slow before the turn, and gently increase the throttle as you exit the turn. Support your weight on the outer foot peg, and lean you body into the turn.
  • Keep drinking water on you to avoid dehydration
  • Keep a small first aid kit on you and if possible attend a first aid course. You might save a life!

We would like to urge all quad bike riders to be courteous to other road users and to enjoy the beautiful scenery with a view to safety at all times!!

Information provided by Quad24.co.za. Photo taken of former Roof of Africa winner Leander Pienaar in action.

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