Hi – we were in KZN last week. My friend rides a Honda Goldwing trike, 1800cc. It is roadworthied and licenced. She was stopped in KZN and told that her trike is illegal and is not allowed on public roads. The stops were 20min at a time. No fine was issued, but warnings were given. Please advise the law regarding trikes. I think they are confusing the law with quad bikes and the old three wheelers. This Honda is valued at over R350 000.00. I look forward to your response.


If the public road was a freeway then it is in contravention of regulation 323 (1) that states that no person may operate a motor tricycle on a freeway.

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One thought on “May I ride with a tricycle on public roads?

  1. Andre Kruger

    Were can i obtain a Permit to use a Tricycle on a freeway ?(Gauteng)

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