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SAN DIEGO – October 24, 2013 – Novatel Wireless, Inc, (Nasdaq: NVTL), a leading provider of intelligent wireless solutions and DigiCore Holdings Ltd (JSE: DGC), a leading provider of advanced machine-to-machines (M2M) communication and telematics solutions, today announce that Novatel Wireless will be supplying DigiCore its cellular OBD 11 devices. Under the agreement, various versions of Novatel Wireless’ advanced MT 3060 OBD11 plug-and-play solutions for both the commercial and consumer telematics markets. The MT 3060 will be included by DigiCore in its Ctrack® telematics solutions and services offering starting with vehicle usage and river behaviour monitoring as part of its end to end insurance telematics offerings.

The MT 3060 platform is a plug-and- play, self-installing device that can be deployed in minutes by any driver. The device simply inserts into the OBD11 port of a vehicle, without taking a vehicle out of service. The MT 3060 also boasts GPS capability and a highly sensitive 1000Hz 3-azis accelerometer that is optimised for sensing high impact driving behaviour. The MT 3060 further optimises performance by an innovative antenna design and disconnect alert feature using an on-board backup battery.

Novatel Wireless will also license to DigiCore its N4A™ Communications and Management software platform.

“DigiCore is one of the leading fleet management and vehicle tracking companies, with key partnerships insurance telematics,” say Peter Leparulo, CEO of Novatel Wireless. “We look forward to working together with DigiCore to integrate their Ctrack software platform and our OBD11 devices to offer a host of telematics tracking and monitoring capabilities.”

“DigiCore is recognised as a world leading provider of machine-to-machine telematics solutions, our operations under the Ctrack brand span six continents, and we are one of the pioneers in the insurance telematics business. The MT 3060 is the most advanced OBD11 platform we have seen to date, and combined with our onboard and front-end intellectual property, will provide a new level of value to our customers,” added Deon du Rand, CTO at DigiCore, suppliers of Ctrack. “As we have already proven with almost one billion driver behavioural kilometres analysed, the use of telematics in the insurance market will be a growth driver for the industry, as our insurance customers move towards determining insurance premiums by taking into account aspects such as driving behaviour, location and time of travel. We are pleased that Novatel Wireless will be a core part of our telematics offering,” Deon du Rand continued.

Novatel Wireless’ robust M2M software offerings can quickly build connectivity from Internet Protocol-enabled remote assets to existing enterprise applications. The N4A™ Communications and Management software platform provides a complete asset management user interface that focuses on managing configuration across multiple usage scenarios. N4A Device Manage is a robust environment for the management, configuration, self-care and support of Novatel Wireless M2M devices.

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About DigiCore Holdings, Ltd.

With over 28 years of experience, DigiCore is recognised as a world-leading provider of advance machine-to-machine (M2M) communication and telematics solutions; DigiCore adds value to a global base of Ctrack customers with mobile assets and workforces. DigiCore was founded in South Africa in 1985 and listed under the Electronics & Electrical sector on the Johannesburg stock exchange, JSE Limited, in December 1998 under the share code DGC. Today’s operation, under the Ctrack brand, spans six continents, with over 1,000 employees and more than 750,000 systems sold. DigiCore has concluded a number of successful global acquisitions in recent years, and expanded the group’s strong international reach into new emerging markets, such as Asia, Africa, Australia, and Latin America. A tradition of technologically superior products coupled with a proven track record in successfully rolling out and supporting mega projects worldwide, gives DigiCore a sustainable competitive advantage.

About Novatel Wireless

Novatel Wireless, Inc. Is a leader in the design and development of intelligent wireless solutions based on 2G, 3G and 4G technologies. The company delivers specialised wireless solutions to carriers, distributors, retailers, OEMs and vertical markets worldwide. Product lines include MiFi® Intelligent Mobile Hotspots, Ovation™ USB modems, Expedite® embedded modules, Mobile Tracking Solutions, Asset Tracking Solutions, and Enable smart M2M modules. These innovative products provide anywhere, anytime communications solutions for consumers sand enterprises. Headquartered in San Diego, California, Novatel Wireless is listed on NASDAQ:NVTL. For more information please visit www.nvtl.com (NVTLG)

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