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Personal safety doesn’t end at home – Consider and prepare for all situations while driving

Many South Africans go to extraordinary lengths to ensure their personal safety in their homes. This includes alarm systems, high-voltage fences, armed response, and guard dogs. But, said the Automobile Association (AA), personal safety in the car is often neglected, placing motorists and their passengers in danger. “Whether you are going on a short trip…


Epic battle for victory among Toyota Gazoo Racing SA crews in Secunda Rally

1st overall for Leeroy Poulter/Elvéne Coetzee (Toyota Yaris S2000) 2nd overall for Giniel de Villiers/Carolyn Swan (Toyota Yaris S2000) 3rd overall for Ernie van der Walt/Gerhard Snyman (Toyota Yaris S2000) 1st in Class S1600 for Guy Botteril/Simon Vacy-Lyle (Toyota Etios S1600) The second Secunda Motor Rally, round 3 of the 2016 South African National Rally Championship, turned into an…


Police from Mothutlong and Mmakau arrest suspects and recover stolen vehicle

On 19 May 2016, the police in Mothutlong and Mmakau arrested two suspects aged 27 and 33, for possession of suspected stolen goods, a vehicle and cellphones. This is after the police who were in an operation acted on a tip-off and nabbed the suspects at Extension 2, Mothutlong. The suspects were found in possession…

Delaership maintenance

What should I be aware of with dealership service and maintenance costs?

The car-dealer-versus-independent-service debate is one that has taken place for as long as many motorists can remember. Although scores of drivers opt for the independent operator on a cost basis after new-car guarantees and service plans have expired, there is much to be said for staying with a dealer for long-term maintenance, asserts Des Fenner,…


Ford Ranger Expands Line-up with New 2.2 TDCi Automatic

The successful Ford Ranger, which has been the top-selling light commercial vehicle in South Africa on seven occasions in the last 13 months, will receive a trend-setting model expansion in July. This will be spearheaded by the option of Ford’s sophisticated six-speed automatic transmission on the 2.2-litre Duratorq TDCi models for the first time. “The…

taxi traffic light

What does the law say about the Manner of Display of a Traffic Signal?

Answer: Regulation 287A of the Road Traffic Regulations deals with the installation requirements Manner of display of traffic signal Reg 287A. (1)   (a)   A traffic signal shall— (i)       comprise of light signals arranged vertically so that the topmost signal is red, the central signal is yellow and the lower signal is green: Provided that— (aa)   …


What is the law on riding motorcycles within the space to the right of the fast lane?

Question: I would like to know what the law says in regard to motorcycles riding within the space to the right of the fast lane, or right-most lane, on South African (specifically Johannesburg) highways. I often take the highway to work, and prefer to drive in the fast lane. Motorcycles regularly come speeding past in…


Peak sports performance from new, revolutionary Continental SportContact 6

Continental’s revolutionary SportContact 6 is an all-new super sports tyre for the ultra-high performance (UHP) segment. The trend-setting newcomer establishes elevated benchmarks for handling, steering precision and high-speed performance, and succeeds the proven and highly-rated ContiSportContact 5P as the range-topper in Continental Tyre SA’s passenger car tyre portfolio. “With the new SportContact 6, Continental is…


Volvo Cars adds comfort and convenience to safety with new-generation child seats

Volvo Cars, the first car maker to actively test child seats in crash tests as far back as the early 1960s, is launching a range of three new child seats with a focus on design, comfort and convenience. As a pioneer in child safety, Volvo Cars’ heritage of development, testing and clear installation and usage…