SnipImage(16)Many families have a “special” car – a car that is inherited from a grandparent and which has special sentimental value. It might not qualify as a true antique – or have a special financial value – but it might be of significant value for people whose lives developed around that vehicle.

It is important to recognize that classic cars that can be described as antiques or sports cars would require special attention when their owners are considering car insurance. These vehicles are usually much higher in value and more difficult to repair once damaged. There are insurers who specialize in these classic cars – and it is best for the owners to shop around and consider these specialized insurers!

Classic cars and car with sentimental value

What we would like to refer to are those vehicles with a significant sentimental value to their owners. I grew up with such a vehicle – a golden yellow Volkswagen Beatle manufactured in 1986. This vehicle has not travelled far and belonged to my grandmother. It has been kept in immaculate shape and when it goes on the road it makes the heads turn!

Even though several vehicle collectors have offered to purchase this vehicle – the sentimental value has always weighed more to my mom than the money she could have made by selling the vehicle.

Many other families have a similar vehicle in the garage – and need to consider how to ensure such a vehicle. These vehicles are usually well cared for, well maintained and kept in closed garages. They are not driven much and when they are driven –it is with the utmost respect and caution!

These vehicles will fall perfectly in the category of vehicle to be insured with a Pay As You Drive car insurance policy. If you have a vehicle that is not driven every day or driven only short distances – it might be best to consider a policy that offers car insurance premiums based on the distance that you travel!

The odometer reading will determine the price that you need to pay for your car insurance. This will be a fair reflection of the risks to vehicle loss and damage.

We would like to advise that vehicle owners compare car insurance quotes to ensure that they are only paying what is a fair premium to cover the risks that they experience on our roads!

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  1. build a car

    It’s hard to build a car that’ll stick out three decades after its production, but the lagonda is clearly one of them.

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