Pay As You Drive car insurance is often described as the best car insurance product for people who travel less. We have given much attention to how life changes affect the way and the distance that we drive – and Pay As You Drive or “distance based” insurance recognizes that travelling less results in reduced risks to vehicle accidents.

But what are these risks and contributing factors to road accidents?

I have found a nice illustration of road safety risks in the Eastern Cape – this graphic illustrates clearly many of these risks. We can categorize them in three groups:

• Human Factors
• Vehicle Factors
• Environmental Factors


When a vehicle owner does not drive that much – he /she is less likely to be exposed to many of these risks – such as large animals and antelope crossing the road, driving around sharp bends in mountain passes etc.

We would like to invite visitors to view the RTMC Crash Report for 2009 to gain an even greater understanding to the causes and contributing factors of road crashes in South Africa.

If you believe that you are seldom exposed to all these road safety risks since you don’t drive long distances – perhaps it is time to have your car insurance reflect reduced risks with reduced car insurance premiums!!

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