These are some pictures of Allan Hollister’s accident on St Johns Bridge on Thursday.

The ambulance driver wouldn’t let the female paramedic out of the ambulance because she couldn’t stop laughing, he said it wasn’t professional. The blue car had the 25lt bucket of paint on the back seat.

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7 thoughts on “Photos reveal funny truth about dangers of driving with paint in your car!!

  1. Jana Hollister

    the IDIOT in the blue POLO who had NO insurance and flew thru the red light hitting a silver honda and then Allan and I head on while we were waiting for the traffic light to change should be contacted by EVERY INSURANCE COMPANY in SOUTH AFRICA as he has NO INSURANCE !!!!! what a tool !!!!!

  2. JJ

    now GOOGLE …. ALLAN HOLLISTER singing an ELVIS classic and lets MAKE HIM FAMOUS for his voice LOL ;-))

  3. admin

    I think every car insurance company in South Africa will run away from the reckless driver …

  4. JDZ

    The silver car is not a Honda. That’s a Holden Ute.

  5. joe

    not a Holden, in South Africa it is an Opel, and it’s not a UTE! it’s called a bakkie 🙂

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  7. There seems to be no end to the stupidity of drivers on our roads, but heck, this is poetic justice! No chance of fleeing the scene unnoticed like happens so often in South Africa.

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