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Police in the North West province warn motorists to exercise caution and be alert to avoid at all costs giving lifts to hitch-hikers irrespective whether they are males or females as some of them victimising the same motorists who offered them lifts by robbing them their vehicles or goods.

Police also appeal to people who will be offered hikes or lifts to their destinations to be warned that when they get into any vehicle that they are not familiar with, they must be able to identify the vehicle they are traveling with, take the registration numbers and if possible they must inform their relatives immediately after getting into those vehicles or lifts.

Hitch- hikers are also advised to take note of the type or model of the vehicle and they must be able to identify the driver.

Motorists as well as hitch- hikers can contact the nearest police station in case of any incident they come across or any suspicious strangers or hitch-hikers. Police can be contacted on 08600 10111.

Police will be working hard on members of the community who attack police officials and prevent them from doing their job when they are arrested for the crime they have committed. In a recent incident in Ikageng near Potchefstroom, a man was arrested after a police official was allegedly attacked by a suspect who grabbed a police official with his clothes and hit him with fists after the police ordered the owner of a tavern to close down in the early hours of the morning.

Media Statement from North West Media Centre

Corporate Communication

South African Police Service

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