With the recent increase in horrible accidents around the country, the Potch ER24 crews put their heads together trying to come up with a creative way of doing their bit to making the roads in the Potchefstroom Area safer.

The suspicion that poorly marked roads contribute to accidents was the motivation behind the crews offering to assist the Local Municipality with our time to improve the road markings. High accident hot spots were identified (Albert Luthuli), the idea was pitched to the council and permission was obtained from Mr. Malcolm Grimbeek (Local Traffic Chief) and Cllr Vincent Clark (MMC Public Safety).

ER24 Crews then volunteered to meet up on the Bult, and Paint. Not only did ward Councillor, Cllr. Jóhni Steenkamp give permission to paint in her ward, she donned her overall, rolled up her sleeves and joined our team every step of the way! As the night progressed, the team was joined by a number of the DA Councillors and Prof Anette Combrink, (Tlokwe City Council Executive Mayor), who not only showed her support for our initiative, thanked us and congratulated us, but she picked up a paint brush and helped make the roads safer.

The project was taken a few steps further with the aide of social media, using our @er24potch twitter account, our Whatsapp Group and the Local BBM Group; ER24 Paramedics released info and maps identifying the accident hot spots. With the recent carnage on the Roads, this small project together with our twitter partners, Tlokwe City council and the DA Councillors will hopefully go a long way in making the roads in Potch a safer place.

We did not manage to complete the project, but we will be back! We would like to thank everyone that stopped to greet us, the City Council for allowing us to paint the roads, Mayor Anette Combrink and Cllr Steenkamp for helping us and to Cllr Vincent Clark for granting the permission, arranging the paint and guiding us every step.

[ Story via ER24]

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