PotholeThe Arrive Alive website has received an increasing amount of emails from road users concerned with the condition of our roads. These emails have been referred to the Department of Transport and the National Roads Agency.

The potholes do not only endanger the lives of travellers driving away from the National roads [“N” roads], but are also contributing to increased vehicle damage!

The full extent of the problem was highlighted earlier this week in a report on Eyewitness News. It is reported in a snap poll by Eyewitness News that around six of every 10 cars taken to tyre centres in Gauteng are there because of pothole or construction damage. It has emerged poor road conditions in the country could be costing the economy as much as R18bn a year.

Eyewitness News called various tyre fitment centres and retailers across the province and just about all had the same response – deteriorating road conditions were good for business. Some estimate between seven and nine out of every 10 cars they attended to, were there because of potholes or construction. They agreed the figure increased exponentially over the past few years.

“It’s increased dramatically. The number of tyres we replace due to tyres we replace due to road damage compared to about three years ago has probably doubled,” said one centre.

The South African Chamber of Commerce has also expressed concern about the lengthy delays on our roads around Johannesburg. The chamber’s Neren Rau said potholes, the absence of road markings, malfunctioning traffic lights and accidents were all problematic.

The Johannesburg Roads Agency is likely to experience a spike in claims as persistent wet weather exacerbates the pothole problem across the city.

There will be increased litigation if attention is not given to repairing these dangerous road conditions. It is important to remember that vehicle damage from road works and poor road conditions on the “N” roads can be addressed to the South African National Roads Agency and their insurer.

Damage suffered as a result of poor maintenance and failure to repair road conditions on other roads have to be addressed to the local municipality and department of roads/ public works in that area.

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14 thoughts on “Potholes leading to increased frustration and tyre damage claims

  1. Luis

    Can one claim from Roads department or someone for “pothole” tyre damage

  2. Louise Evans

    On Sunday 21 February 2010, at approxametly 20h30, I was travelling on the N12, travelling towards the south of Johannesburg. Just after the Lenasia, Klipsruit West on-ramp onto the N12, I suddenly hit a pothole, which caused my left front tyre to burst, and damage to my rim. Directly after I hit the pothole, another driver also hit y=that same pothole, also causing damage to his car.

    What does one do in cases like this, especialy if you do not have car insurance?

    Kind regards,

    Louise Evans.

  3. Daniella

    Hi i was driving to a funeral in the Free State yesterday the 3rd of March. The road between vredefort & viljoenskroon is covered in pot holes knee deep. you had to drive 40km per hr and drive around the holes. at some point the road was covered in potholes and you had no option but to drive through. i damaged my 2 tyres which cost me R10 000. how can i claim for my costs incurred what is the process. pls help

  4. Nolene

    Ek was Desember 09 in Brisbane Australia,wat ‘n pragtige land. Geen Potholes nie, geen verslete strate nie. Ek dink dit is ‘n skande oor hoe die Suid Afrikaanse paaie lyk en kan nie meer wag vir die sokker in Junie nie, dan kan al die oorsese mense sien hoe sleg dit hier lyk. Dit is regtig ‘n groot verleentheid.

  5. James

    Hi I was driving on the R28 from Krugersdorp going past Mildersdriff traveling towards Centurion when I struck a pothole on the left hand lane at the 1st off ramp before Lanseria. I lost my tyre and a rim. This is a costly incident as my rims are supplied by Subaru. What do I do can I claim this back from the roads department where can I get a contact number. I have taken photos of the scene and my damage.

    Please if there is anybody out there that can give me any good advise

  6. Natalie van Blerk

    Can I claim for pothole damage that happened the 23/04/2010 on Bellairs Drive in Northriding, Randburg. At 7:30 at night, The total cost was over R 3000.00 for two new rims and tyres. A single mother does not have this kind of money’s lying around.

  7. Stefan Joubert

    Where can I get the document to claim for pothole damage

  8. Rene

    Where do I claim for pothole damage? Can someone please help with more information?

  9. please good can someone help me where to claim pothole damage?

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