cheapest-car-insuranceWho would be the person presenting the least risk to any car insurer? Is it possible to draw a profile of the candidate who should qualify for the cheapest car insurance premiums?

We have decided to put our efforts and investigative talents into designing such a profile – purely by making use of the content and guidance to be found on the car insurance blog. We will provide such a profile, and then discuss why we believe that this person is the perfect candidate!


Title: Mrs X
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Married
Age: 37
Occupation: Teacher /Administration etc
Location: Oudtshoorn [or similar smaller town]
Vehicle: VW Polo, Toyota Corolla or similar mid- size car
Summary: Mrs X, a 37 year old happily married female driver and mother of 2 smaller children is our candidate for the cheapest car insurance premium. She is a teacher with a sober lifestyle and owner of a small / mid –sized vehicle. She has an accident free driving record and lives in a secure safety complex around the corner from the school where she teaches in the small town of Oudtshoorn in the Little Karoo. She is very safety conscious and parks her vehicle [custom fitted with the manufacturers alarm system] in a locked garage. She also had data dot technology etched into car components and are very alert to looking after the safe keeping of her keys. She has undergone advanced driver training at an accredited driving academy and has 17 years driving experience.

Process of Analysis and Identification

  • Gender – The client is female as females are generally considered to be safer drivers and less of an insurance risk.
  • Marital Status – The client is happily married and not the primary breadwinner. She appears not to be too stressed and does not carry any unnecessary frustrations with her on the road. She is a loving and caring mom for her 2 children and very considerate when transporting these children. They are always safely buckled in and she drives with special caution when they are in the vehicle. When the family goes on vacation traveling longer distances they travel in the bigger vehicle of Mr X and he does the driving.
  • Age – The client is approximately 37 years old and has more than 17 years driving experience. Young drivers are at a greater risk of causing accidents. The client became a licensed driver in matric and whilst studying in the city she completed an advanced driving course at an accredited driving academy. This was a present from her dad who thought it might protect her and enhance safe driving whilst studying and driving in the city.She is also young enough to have experienced the internet boom. She is very comfortable with the online environment and often performs online banking and other transactions. She has gone online to compare insurances quotes and found an affordable premium with a well-known direct insurer.
  • Occupation – The client is in an occupation that does not require much driving and only requires her to travel to and from work. She is not a medical representative exposed to long distance driving and sharing the road with many other road users. Her occupation does not require 24/7 availability and she does not need to communicate from within her vehicle for business purposes. She is not distracted by cellular conversations or the need to send text messages and can turn off her cellular phone when climbing behind the steering wheel.
  • Lifestyle – The client has a sober lifestyle. She will only have the occasional drink and do not drive drunk. She does not smoke, which is not only good for the health of the children –but also reduced the risk of a burning cigarette becoming a driver distraction.
  • Vehicle – The client is the owner of a small to midsized vehicle. The vehicle is big enough to comfortably transport the 2 children and new enough to be custom fitted with the manufacturer’s alarm system. She does not need a bigger vehicle as they do have the luxury of another family vehicle when going on vacation. The vehicle is not expensive to maintain and the vehicle parts are affordable and easy to find when the vehicle goes for the regular maintenance to the local dealer.
    As an extra the family has decided to have data dot technology etched into the vehicle components as another safety measure against vehicle theft and they have informed the insurance company of this added safety measure.

    The vehicle is parked in a locked garage in their home at the secure estate where they live. When at work the vehicle is parked in a secured parking bay/ garage.

  • Location – The client lives in a smaller town away from the heavily congested traffic and hectic city life. Mr X and Mrs X decided that this is a good place for the kids to grow up with less risk to be exposed to criminal activity. The town is relatively crime free and hijackings and smash and grab crimes are unheard of! The town is regarded as being in a low risk area for accidents, yet not so remote that vehicle repairs have to be done elsewhere. The town is also far away from any South African borders and the risk that vehicles would be stolen for the purpose of cross-border transfer of vehicles.
  • Insurance record – Mrs X is fortunate to have an accident and claim free record. She has only been with one insurance company and has been with this company for more than 10 years. She has never had the need to migrate between different companies.

Conclusion / References

What does this profile tell us about finding cheaper and affordable car insurance premiums? Can this help those of us who do not fit this profile to find cheaper car insurance as well?

The profile of the above person has been designed with special attention to factors such as:

Even though we might not be able to do much in changing these factors, we might well attend to other factors we do have control over such as:

We would like to invite vehicle owners to find the correct can insurance cover to meet their needs in 2010! Feel free to send your suggestions and comments or request information about specific aspects of car insurance!

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