Reckless drivers

Reckless Taxi Driver caught on Dashboard camera

Earlier today we shared some interesting vehicle statistics via the Arrive Alive twitter handle at @_ArriveAlive


It must be said that it is unfair to regard all of the drivers of minibus taxis as reckless and without a regard for the Rules of the Road! We are aware of efforts by taxi associations to provide safety training and that bodies like SANTACO are continuously urging members to drive safely!

There are however also those who do not heed these calls for safety! A regular visitor to the Arrive Alive website emailed a video clip from his dashboard camera recorder of one such driver in an incident early this morning next to the Morning Glen Mall!

We must urge road users to avoid confrontation which might lead to physical violence! Stay alert on the road and remain aware to the threat that these reckless drivers may cause vehicle damage and bodily harm!

There is little more than we can do then to ensure that our vehicles are comprehensively insured, that we drive safely and remain buckled in! We will also share this with the National Traffic Call Centre at the RTMC!

Report Bad Driving 

Dashboard Camera Recorders and Road Safety


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