did_you_know782Draft regulations were published in terms of the South African National Roads Agency and National Roads Act, 1998 in Gazette 35182 of 27 March 2012.

The draft regulations are published for comment and may be submitted before 16 April 2012.

The provisions in the draft regulations basically copy the provisions that are already contained in the National Road Traffic Act, 1996 pertaining to the powers of traffic officers and the presumption of use of a motor vehicle by the owner. Section 17(5) of the AARTO Act is also copied that creates an offence if an owner does not collect details on the driver of the vehicle. There are also powers for authorised employees relating to toll road use.



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22 May in Stellenbosch, 24 May in Durban, and 5 June in Pretoria


  • ALTA SWANEPOEL    –    Traffic and Transport Consultant (Alta Swanepoel & Associates)

Topic: Alta will give an update on the National Road Traffic Legislation, transport developments, overloading legislation and other draft amendments and will provide a follow-up discussion on AARTO and the RTIA presentation.

  • MAX BRAUN             –    Independent Transport Management, Distribution & Logistics Consultant (MB Consulting Services)

Topic: Rising Challenges for Road Transport cannot be ignored. While economic and political events cannot be reliably or accurately predicted all aspects of the vital road transport industry need to identify and define the road ahead for road freight transport costs and performance.

  • RTIA DELEGATE         – Mr Japh Chuwe, the Registrar of the RTIA or his delegated representative

Topic: The Road Traffic Infringement Agency is the statutory body that is responsible for the AARTO system. They will be discussing:  The amendments to the AARTO legislation and the further implementation of the system.

If you wish to register please visit our Website www.altaswanepoel.co.za or contact our offices via e-mail

* Our next PROXY and NRTA Information session will be on 12 April 2012 (R2 500 pp)

Courses will be at our offices in Waverley, Pretoria. Course documentation will be supplied.  Contact our office to register.

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