Please can you advise on what the regulations are with regards to the transporting of students to an event outside of the school. If a teacher uses their own vehicle to transport students, is there a minimum number of students they can transport, does the teacher need a PDP, what are the legal implications for the school and the teacher should the teacher be involved in a motor vehicle accident while transporting students?

If a teacher is using a school vehicle to transport students to an external event, again, what is the number of students they are allowed to transport, do they require a PDP if it’s more than this number, what are the legal implications if any?

Look forward to hearing your reply.


Herewith is a response to the question asked below:

A professional Driving Permit is required for amongst others, the following:

• A minibus which has been designed or adapted for the conveyance of 12 or more persons, including the driver;
• A motor vehicle conveying 12 or more persons, including the driver;
• A motor vehicle used for the conveyance of persons for reward or is operated in terms of an operating licence issued in accordance with the provisions of the NLTTA.

So in answering the question below, if the vehicle used whether owned by the teacher or the school has any of the conditions as set out above applicable, then a PrDP will be required. In case of an accident, the Road Accident Fund Act then applies.

The application form for a PrDP can be accessed on the eNaTIS website at www.enatis.com.


Clancinah Baloyi
Manager: Business Analysis

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