datadotDuring early 2010, SAPS National Head Office instructed all Vehicle Identification sections in the country to officially use microdot technology as a way to identify stolen and recovered motor vehicles. The technology will most certainly enhance the SAPS ability to identify stolen vehicles because it is so easy to use and is also incorruptible.

Datadot Technology, an associate member of the SAICB, and market leader in the microdot industry in SA, reports that their database on vehicles exceeds the half a million mark by far and more than 10 000 new vehicles are added to the list monthly. More than 11 000 police officials have been trained and equipped to use Datadot Technology in SA. SAPS also ordered 1116 Datadot police kits for the exhibit room of every police station in SA.

It is noted that SAPS, BACSA and the Dept of Transport are busy preparing legislation on microdot technology for motor vehicles, which will be published later this year. Microdot technology has been included in the new Second Hand Goods Act. Regulations are currently being drawn up by the state legal advisors to regulate the movement of second hand goods. This is the area where stolen goods are re-introduced into the market. To address serious crime in this country, the market for those goods needs serious attention.

Microdot technology offers an inclusive solution to all serious crime in SA, but especially with house robberies, business robberies and vehicle robberies. Vehicles and property fitted with microdots are less desirable for thieves and those who receive stolen property.

The more than 12 000 stolen / recovered but unidentified vehicles that SAPS destroys annually, at a loss of R1.2 Billion to the economy and insurers, could be reduced drastically if microdot technology is accepted by all stakeholders like banks, insurers and vehicle manufacturers. Many car insurers already acknowledge the relevance of microdot technology and offer discounted premiums.

We would like to advise that you contact your insurer to find out if your car insurance premium is or will be reduced through the use of this technology.

[A word of appreciation to the SAICB and Dekker Ban Wyk from Datadot for this contribution. For further information contact him at: ]

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