searched-keywordsAt the end of July we started with the development of the Car Insurance Blog. This is an initiative to compliment the Arrive Alive road safety website and assist our vehicle owners. The objectives with the development of this Blog are to provide vehicle owners with information on the importance of car insurance, the best way to find affordable car insurance, procedures to follow in submitting complaints etc…

From a road safety perspective it is also important to share advice and suggestions on how to avoid accidents and car insurance claims… We have discussed specific types of accidents caused by the incorrect following distance, disobedience to the Rules of the Road, driving at traffic circles etc

The best way to measure whether we are achieving these objectives is to use the tools provided by Google to analyze the traffic to the Blog, and more specifically – to focus on the keywords used by our online visitors.

This provides insight with regards to what visitors are searching for and whether we need to focus more on those topics. The attached graphic reveals most of these keywords and phrases searched on Google.

It appears that many visitors searched for:

  • Cheaper car insurance
  • Insurance aggregators
  • Decisions by the Ombudsman for Short Term Insurance
  • Crime Statistics and Insurance
  • Advice on claims from accidents caused by unlicensed drivers and bad tyres…

An interesting point to note is that insurance fraud is also a “trendy” topic….Many visitors might fear being caught for making fraudulent claims, and would like to gain information on the consequences of insurance fraud, the polygraph test etc…

We will continue to provide advice and recommendations to vehicle owners about affordable car insurance and road safety. We would like to invite visitors to share their thoughts and suggestions on aspects that require further investigation and discussion!

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