Every South African is well aware of the road death toll in South Africa. It is however extremely easy to lose sight of the thousands of people per annum that are not killed in car accidents but have a life changing event that may result in paraplegia or quadriplegia. Many events other than car accidents as well as medical conditions further add to the growing number of paraplegic and quadriplegic patients within South Africa.

Mobility impaired members of society rely on organizations such as the QuadPara Association whose help is invaluable. This association has a lifelong relationship with affected people and provides assistance in the “real world”. This includes mobility needs, assistance in getting cars modified, campaigning for better access and in general making sure that all people with mobility impairment have somewhere to turn to. The society provides assistance irrespective of race, creed or social background. Disability is dealt with in a manner that restores dignity and assistance for members that have specific needs is always available. This organization obviously needs money to “keep wheels turning” in every sense.

Clayton House as a sub-acute rehabilitation centre fulfills a vital role in the initial rehabilitation of patients after an accident or event. This is however often only a period of a few weeks and really forms the initial steps of being able to be reintegrated into society as functionally as possible. Paraplegia and quadriplegia are however life long life events that not only affect the individual but directly affects family and friends. In spite of the best rehabilitation available that institutions such as Clayton House offer, the reality is that the “patients” will become “members of society” post rehabilitation and have ongoing needs and challenges.

As such Clayton House is proud to be associated with the QuadPara Association and is having a golf day to raise funds for this worthy cause. Potential sponsors are encouraged to visit WWW. QASA.CO.ZA for more information on the work done by this society

The QuadPara Association is a registered PBO and a Section 18A Tax exemption certificate MAY be issued subject to the rules of SARS and the FSB.

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