Police line

Members from Elsburg SAPS responded swiftly when a complaint was received regarding alleged theft at a company in Moore Street, Wadeville.

According to information received, it was alleged that a truck was found to be inside the business premises busy loading three (3) forklifts.  Upon arrival, members searched the business premises for possible suspects. The members interrogated the security guards that were present on the premises and after viewing video footage it was established that the security guards were involved in the attempted theft of the forklifts.

One suspect was later arrested by the members of Elsburg SAPS after they have studied the video footage and have linked the suspect identified in the video footage. The suspect informed the police that the head of the security guards was alleged to be the master brain behind the attempted theft. Consequently, the suspect led the police to the fourth suspect’s residential premises where he was arrested by Officers of the Detective Services of Elsburg SAPS.

The suspects age 28, 32, 25 and 35 was detained at Elsburg SAPS and will appear in the Germiston Magistrates’ Court today, 19 May 2014.

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