South African Subaru owners can rest easy as the recent global Subaru recalls, issued by Subaru on an international scale, does not affect any South African Subaru vehicles according to Subaru Southern Africa Marketing Manager, Ashley Lazarus.

“Product recalls are never nice to announce, and Subaru is taking a very proactive approach to the problems which affect some of our vehicles on a global level. While the problems, which include improper inflation of passenger-side airbags supplied to Subaru in Japan, as well as potential corrosion of brake lines in markets where salt is used to improve grip on snow-covered or icy road surfaces, have not yet resulted in any vehicles performing dangerously or with fault, Subaru is implementing immediate action to fix and prevent any complications from potentially occurring.”

Corrective measures include airbag and brake line replacement, as well as the application of anti-corrosive wax to brake lines in order to prevent potential future corrosion.

Lazarus concludes: “In light of this, global recalls of certain Legacy, Outback, Forester and Impreza models manufactured between 2003 and 2009 have been implemented in affected markets in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. To this end, Subaru vehicles in South Africa are not affected and the recalls should be of no concern to any South African Subaru owners. Our vehicles are manufactured to the highest production and safety standards and will continue their legendary reputation for reliability and ultimate safety, despite the consequences of the recall.”

Subaru remains the only vehicle manufacturer whose entire model range has achieved the coveted Top Safety Pick award by the IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) in the United States, and all Subaru vehicles carry five-star safety ratings.

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