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A 33 year-old man who terrorized the community of Seshego by stealing valuable items from their vehicles has been arrested after he was linked to more than 30 cases of theft from motor vehicles.

The suspect, who is originally from Makhado, has been busy with these crimes since 2011 and may have thought that he will get away with it all had it not been for members attached to the Criminal Record Centre who realized that the Police have a serial theft suspect on their hands.

He targeted his victims at night and broke into their vehicles parked inside or outside their yards and stole valuables including radio’s cellphones, wallets, laptops and anything else he could lay his hands on. According to information, he sold the stolen items at taxi ranks to unsuspecting members of the community.

Forensic evidence found on the scenes of crime led members from the Criminal Record Centre to believe that there is one suspect involved in several crimes and they began the painstaking process of linking the suspect. Thus far, he has been linked to 32 cases of theft from and out of motor vehicles and investigations to link him to even more cases are ongoing.

The suspect, Thomas Tshamano, was arrested at his room at Seshego on 18 June and already appeared in court. He is due back in court on 7 July for a formal bail application.

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