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High performance shock absorber could reduce accident risk for 4×4 vehicles

Gabriel safari shock

New HDP shock from Gabriel

Control Instruments Automotive (Pty) Ltd have launched the widely-anticipated Gabriel Safari HDP shock absorber for SUV’s and 4×4 vehicles.

The HDP (heavy-duty performance) range, as with other Gabriel shock absorbers, is locally designed and manufactured for local off-road conditions and will be available at all major fitment centres and retail outlets during June 2011

“The Safari HDP is a robust big-bore shock absorber specifically designed for extreme South African off-road conditions and comes with a three-year unlimited kilometer warranty, the first in SA for a 4×4 shock absorber,” said Sean Staley, executive manager – marketing, at Control Instruments Automotive.

“The HDP is a clear indication of Gabriel’s market leadership in product design, development and expertise in local manufacture.”

The HDP addresses the 4×4 enthusiast and 4×4 work-horse markets. It is specifically designed as an OEM replacement shock for vehicle fleets, agriculture, government, mining, military, construction and medium to small-size commercial vehicles for all popular makes of vehicles.

The ‘beast’ branding used for the HDP re-enforces the product’s ruggedness, power and reliability.

Gabriel has been in operation in South Africa for over 76 years and has a local manufacturing plant for the shock absorbers sold in South Africa.

Technical Information

The design of the HDP is based on strength, durability and performance. The HDP’s larger bore working cylinder reduces stress on the working components of the shock, increasing durability.

One of the primary end results of a successful shock is heat control. High-temperature oil allows the HDP shock to operate at higher temperatures making it more suited to severe off-road conditions and reducing the chances of fade.

A hydraulic lock design prevents metal-to-metal contact inside the shock under full extension, protecting the shock from topping out and causing damaged to internal and external components. This in turn gives a longer life expectancy.

360º reinforced welded mounts, known as ‘fully welded mounts’, add significant strength to the mounting points. This is especially re-assuring in severe off-road conditions.

Solid eye rings mean that one-piece machined eye-rings are stronger than the alternative curled eye ring used in many of the competitive products.

The HDP has durable bushes in polyurethane or rubber which contribute to longer life and cast iron piston rings give added durability.

DU bushes in the rod guide reduce friction between the rod and the guide, reducing the amount of heat generated, limiting wear on the piston rod. Velocity-sensitive valving adjusts damping to compensate for different speeds as well as road conditions.

About Gabriel:

Gabriel is a division of Control Instruments Automotive, a wholly owned subsidiary of the JSE listed Control Instruments Group. Control Instruments Automotive holds the manufacturing and distribution rights to the Gabriel range of shocks, struts and cartridge products for Sub-Saharan Africa.

Gabriel is now in its 76th year in South Africa. The company manufactures shock absorbers for most vehicles..

Gabriel was originally imported into SA in 1935. During that time, the company has introduced a number of world-first designs that were subsequently manufactured in plants worldwide. It was also the first shock absorber company to advertise on TV.

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