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Let us not neglect the link between Aids, Driver Fitness and Car Insurance Claims

aids_and_carOn World Aids Day it is important that we consider the impact of Aids across different spheres of society – and our health and financial well-being are most definitely some of these! Even though an ill person, fatigued person, a person with diabetes and a person with Aids are not prevented from driving – they have to be alert to the symptoms they may suffer from and whether this might impact on their safety and that of other road users.

Health is an important component in the physical fitness to drive of our drivers. We need to pay close attention to warning signs of ill-health and strive towards living a lifestyle that allows us to be safe and healthy on and off our roads!

We would like to refer to a few important aspects discussed on the Arrive Alive Road Safety website:

Although limited empirical evidence is available to prove the impact of HIV/AIDS on road safety – this link certainly exists. HIV Positive drivers suffer from aids related symptoms such as fatigue, loss of concentration and weakness from severe wasting. When negative effects of anti-retroviral treatments like dizziness and nausea are added it becomes evident that road safety will be compromised.

Research has shown that out of a study amongst 320 truck drivers, 60% have suffered from a sexually transmitted infection in a six month time frame. These challenges facing the transport industry have been discussed in detail at transportation conferences.

Several strategies have been devised to promote road safety in the midst of HIV/AIDS by integrating HIV/AIDS awareness with the National Arrive Alive Campaign and by stepping up awareness efforts to taxi, bus and truck drivers as well as traffic officials. It has been decided that combined efforts will be made to secure universal access to prevention, care and 24/7 for all health factors like TB, Malaria, Diabetes and Hypertension- not just HIV/ AIDS.

On this Car Insurance Blog we will strive to advise and discuss all aspects that could contribute towards greater road safety and a reduction in accident claims. We would like to advise road users to have themselves tested for HIV – It is better for your a safety and those around you to Know Your Status!!