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What do I need to know about solid and broken yellow lines next to the kerb?


Hi I am trying to find out the law regarding single yellow lines in residential area… Does it mean no parking whatsoever or is their another interpretation? Your help and response would be most appreciated..


A solid single yellow line alongside the kerb in a residential area means no parking is permitted there at any time.

A single yellow broken line alongside the kerb means no parking is permitted there during the times shown on an accompanying road sign.

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No Parking sign means NO Parking!


A regular visitor to the Arrive Alive website emailed a photo which is worth sharing! The photo is part funny -part tragic! It reveals how traffic authorities will enforce the letter of the law¬† – whether you are alive… or even dead!!

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What do others say about your parking?


Yesterday a friend of mine revealed on Facebook that he got a compliment on his driving. When he returned to his vehicle there was a note on his windscreen with the words “Parking Fine”!!

We all have different strengths and weaknesses in our driving ability – and some simply struggle to park in the demarcated zone. This has often provided some humour as well – such as the above note that appeared on the windscreen of a student friend of mine!!