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Free Chip repair in Major road safety promotion on N4 at Total Petroport ALZU Malelane

PG Glass chip repair A major road safety promotion will be held at Total Petroport ALZU on the N4 near Malelane in Mpumalanga when the schools close on Friday 9 December 2011 by PG Glass, Total PetroPort ALZU, Trans Africa Concessions (TRAC), the S. A. Police Services (SAPS) and the Mpumalanga Department of Community Safety and Security (DCSS).

PG Glass will be doing free chip repairs at the venue, and distribute important road safety and tourism information, road condition reports and gifts.

TRAC’s accident response and roadside assistance teams as well as reaction cars of both the SAPS and the Mpumalanga DCSS will be operating from the venue.

TRAC N4 offers a 24-hour emergency hotline on the N4 toll route between Pretoria and Mozambique. Dial the Helpdesk on 0800 8722 64 / 082 881 444. This is a free accident response and emergency service. TRAC also offers road user support, traffic and route updates through its Helpdesk.

The radio station Jacaranda RMFM will broadcast messages to encourage travelers to take regular safety breaks, especially stopping at ALZU. Bernice Bailey, Marketing Director of the PG Group, says the core message will be stressing the importance of safety breaks and windscreen safety.

“Few people are aware that the windscreen can contribute up to 60% to a vehicle’s structural safety in case of an accident,” she says.
“Negligence in this respect can cost lives. Even a small chip can eventually compromise the vehicle’s structural safety if it is not fixed promptly.”
“A windscreen consists of two pieces of glass stuck together with a piece of virgin vinyl – like a sandwich. Dirt and moisture that enter at the chip can weaken the strength of the windscreen on the long run, lessening the ability of the windscreen to help prevent the caving in of the vehicle’s roof.”

Other benefits of correctly manufactured and well-fitted windscreens include:

• Effective functioning of the airbag system
• Prevention of projectiles penetrating the windscreen
• Keeping passengers in the vehicle in the event of an accident, and
• Prevention of damage to eyes.

Bailey says the initiative is part of PG Glass’s ongoing commitment to promote road safety in South Africa.

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