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Road Traffic Legislation Update – AARTO & Criminal Procedure Act

  • Please note that an extensive amendment bill to the Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences Act, 1998 was published for comment in Government Gazette 36173, dated 20 February 2013.  A memorandum explaining the amendments form part of the gazette (p 24). The gazette is available on our website (See presentations). Comments may be made until 22 March 2013.  Please note that the comments must be submitted to the officials listed in the gazette and not to our office.
  • Criminal Procedure Act, 1977 – The maximum amounts for various provisions of the Criminal Procedure Act was amended by Notice R. 62 of 30 January 2013. For example – the maximum fine on a section 56 notice has been changed from R2 500 to R5 000.
  • We wish to invite you to register for our Annual Road Transport Legislation Workshop.

An electronic or printed version of our National Road Traffic Act Compilation and other course documents are available. Please indicate your preference on the registration documentation.


21 May 2013 – Stellenbosch (Spier)

23 May 2013 – Durban (Garden Court Marine Parade)

4 June 2013 – Pretoria (CSIR)




  • Ø ALTA SWANEPOEL - Road Traffic and Transport legislation Consultant (Alta Swanepoel & Associates), editor LexisNexis Road Traffic and Transport legislation
  • Ø MAX BRAUN – Consultant in Transport Management, Distribution & Logistics Consultant (MB Consulting Services), contributor Fleetwatch magazine
  • Ø KEITH McMURRAY – Consultant on the transportation of dangerous goods from DG Consultants


  • Alta Swanepoel will present an update on the national road traffic legislation, transport policy developments, draft amendments, national land transport legislation (NLTA), AARTO amendment bill and developments with the e-toll legislation. She will also address specific issues that delegates have requested at previous sessions concerning legal requirements for foreign drivers driving South African vehicles, overloading issues, cross-border road transport permits, amendments on TCSP Guidelines and evidential breath testing developments.


  • Max Braun is an independent transport management, distribution and logistics consultant.  He will address the current trends in vehicle technology to minimise the impact of existing and imminent taxes, regulations and environmental constraints on transport costs.


  • Keith McMurray is an expert in the transportation of dangerous goods and will address the new developments and amendments to the legislation and specifications on the transportation of dangerous goods, specifically operational and vehicle requirements.


*** The Registration fee is R2 400 per person (included are workshop documentation, refreshments and lunch) ***




You are welcome to forward this invitation to any other interested parties who may wish to attend the workshop.

Road Traffic Legislation Update

did_you_know782The following Government Gazettes pertaining to road traffic and transport have been published:

GG 35234  -  Abnormal Loads Exemption Permit Fees published in terms of the National Road Traffic Act, 1996 (Notice 297, 5 April 2012).

GG 35236  -  Cross-border Road Transport Agency: Draft Guidelines for the consideration of cross-border road transport permits for the conveyance of passengers (Notice 299, 5 April 2012). The gazette is published for comment.  Comments may be submitted until 4 May 2012.

PLEASE NOTE: OUR ANNUAL ROAD TRANSPORT LEGISLATION WORKSHOP 2012 WILL BE: 22 May in Stellenbosch, 24 May in Durban, and 5 June in Pretoria


  • ALTA SWANEPOEL – Traffic and Transport Consultant (Alta Swanepoel & Associates).  Topic: Alta will give an update on the National Road Traffic Legislation, transport developments, overloading legislation and other draft amendments and will provide a follow-up discussion on AARTO and the RTIA presentation.

  • MAX BRAUN – Independent Transport Management, Distribution & Logistics Consultant.  Topic:  Rising Challenges for Road Transport cannot be ignored. While economic and political events cannot be reliably or accurately predicted all aspects of the vital road transport industry need to identify and define the road ahead for road freight transport costs and performance.
  • RTIA DELEGATE – Mr Japh Chuwe, the Registrar of the RTIA or his delegated representative.  Topic: The Road Traffic Infringement Agency is the statutory body that is responsible for the AARTO system. They will be discussing:  The amendments to the AARTO legislation and the further implementation of the system.

If you wish to register please visit our Website or contact our offices via e-mail