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Faulty Randburg Speed Camera Issue Resolved

On Wednesday 3 October 2012, Justice Project South Africa wrote to Director Gerneke at the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD) to draw his attention to an apparently defective speed and red light camera in Republic Road, Randburg and to seek a solution which would not place a huge administrative burden on members of the public that had been affected by it.

On Tuesday 16 October, JPSA met with Director Gerneke at the JMPD’s offices in Selby where the results of an investigation by the JMPD and their contractor were shown to us and it was revealed that this problem resulted from an intermittent software fault which caused speed calculations to be incorrectly calculated.

As a result of our complaint and the investigation that ensued, the JMPD has informed us that the following will take place:

  • All infringement notices resulting from the fault at this specific site incurred from 1 July 2012 to 31 August 2012 will be administratively cancelled by the JMPD.
  • This will apply to both, infringement notices recorded on eNaTIS and the JMPD’s own proprietary system.
  • All persons who have already paid these fines will be contacted by the JMPD and will be refunded the monies which they have paid.
  • No affected person will be expected to complete and submit an AARTO 08 representation form as this will be an automated process.

The camera in question is based on the corner of Republic Road and the entrance to Brightwater Commons when travelling east to west, from Randburg City centre towards Malibongwe Drive and applies ONLY to this particular fixed camera in this direction and not to any other speed and red light cameras.  Infringement notices issued at this site state that the location was “Republic Road cnr Waterfront Entrance East to West”.

JPSA is delighted with the positive outcome that has resulted from this matter and would like to thank Director Gerneke and the JMPD for the proactive remedy that is being applied to it.

Best Regards,

Howard Dembovsky

National Chairman – Justice Project South Africa (NPC)

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Where should mobile speed cameras be positioned?


Dear Sirs, I would like to know if the law stipulates the minimum distance from a speed change sign that a mobile speed camera can be positioned? Kind Regards


There is no legislation as such that specifies the minimum distance from a the commencement of a speed limit zone from which a speed measurement exercise may be set up however, the TCSP guidelines for prosecution using speed measurement equipment applies.

For your information, the acronym “TCSP” stands for “Technical Committee for Standards and Procedures” and South African case law “State v Snyman 2001 (1) SACR 354 (N)” has established that the “guidelines” are not merely a set of recommendations, but a required set of standards that must be followed.

Section 1.7 of the current TCSP Guidelines in use (2007) state that “No prosecution may be instituted where the speed measurement was taken within 300 metres of the commencement of the speed limit zone, except with permission from the Director of Public Prosecutions.” It is very important to note however:

1. The last part of this statement which says: “except with permission from the Director of Public Prosecutions”.
2. This does not mean that such a speed measurement may not be conducted within 300m of a speed limit sign.
3. This limitation applies to 300m from either side of the commencement of the speed limit zone.

I hope that this answers your question.

Best Regards,

Howard Dembovsky
National Chairman – Justice Project South Africa (NPC)

Where can I find the fine prices for traffic violations?


“Hi there

I would appreciate it if you can send me details on fine prices like for not wearing seatbelt, talking on a cellphone, not stopping completely dead at a stop sign as i see that you have different prices listed as what the traffic officers are giving… I’m from mpumalanga.”


We list all of the AARTO infringement fines at but I point out that these are the current fines applicable to AARTO ONLY and they are apparently being reviewed ahead of the publication of the 2011 regulations which will replace them.

The fact is that fines that are not issued under AARTO are set by local Magistrates and there are 281 municipalities that are not involved in AARTO.

If you want to know about any fines that exist under your name, unfortunately you are going to have to phone the traffic authorities in all of the areas you have driven and get them to refer you to their contracted websites or provide you with a pint out as there is currently no single point of reference.

Best Regards,

Howard Dembovsky
National Chairman – Justice Project South Africa (NPC)

Concerned citizens urge traffic officials to curb accidents

Arrive Allive 25Not all citizens are against speed entrapment! There are areas and situations where the failure to effectively enforce the speed limit – or even reduce the speed limit, can be a significant threat to innocent road users.

This is especially true in residential areas and near schools! We would like to share an email received from a concerned citizen:

“To whom it may concern

Please advise who I can speak to in order to set up a speeding camera on Boundary Lane, Parkmore, Sandton, Johannesburg.

Boundary Lane runs parallel to Sandon Drive and a lot of motorists use Boundary Lane to get into the Sandton CBD as opposed to using Sandton Drive or William Nicol.

There is also a stop street, corner Boundary Lane and Gordon road that is ignored and motorist rarely even yield, let alone stop.

There are a lot of children and animals living on the road and it is unacceptable that people exceed the speed limit on this residential road.

Please advise the best way of addressing this issue.”

This message has been shared with the Director responsible for speeding operation at JMPD and these concerns might soon be effectively addressed.

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