Taxi red lights

Taxi running a red light

Today has seen much discussion on twitter on the recklessness of taxi drivers as yet another cyclist was badly injured when a minibus taxi crashes into the cyclist. There has been several requests from the cycling community for the enforcement of a 1,5 m gap from cyclists – a call answered in the Western Cape last week with the requirement regulated to have a 1m gap.

The cycling crash yesterday in KZN was however not result of a “crash from behind” but rather failure to observe at an intersection and to remain alert to approaching cyclists! In a section developed on the Arrive Alive website on the topic of Safe Driving at Intersections, we specifically warn on the need to focus on vulnerable road users at intersections!

A friend emailed us the above video of yet another example of a taxi driver skipping a red light!

We would like to caution all road users to approach intersections with extreme caution, and plead with traffic officials to be very harsh in sentencing these offenders!!

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