Ctrack_solutions_payoff_lineDiscovery recently entered the short-term insurance market with Discovery Insure. Through their VitalityDrive™program they use the DQ-Track™ telematics system, developed in collaboration with Ctrack.

The advanced Ctrack™ telematics technology enables Discovery to achieve its objectives of measuring and rewarding good driving and reducing the cost of insurance through positive change in driver behaviour. All drivers have the opportunity to review and improve their driving habits based on actual driver behaviour reports produced as a result of Ctrack’s Intelligent telematics technology and Discovery’s proprietary algorithms to develop a scientific measure of driver behaviour.

“Discovery started a process to identify a technology and business partner and ultimately selected Ctrack. Our technology is developed in-house and manufactured at our production facility in Durban – making Ctrack a proudly South African company. We are serious about developing our telematics technology and we firmly believe it is going to change the rules in the vehicle insurance industry in the future,” says Deon du Rand (Director Strategic Projects of DigiCore Holding Ltd, holding company of Ctrack South Africa).

In partnership with Discovery, Ctrack implemented the DQ-Track™ solution over the course of a few months. The core accelerometer technology is based on safety focused Ctrack products which have been extensively tested and applied globally. Ctrack prides itself on the development of innovative driver monitoring technologies specifically for the insurance industry, and through DigiCore (its holding company) has been involved in the monitoring of driver behaviour analysis using Tachographs from as early as 1985.

“ Having identified the potential in Insurance Telematics 2 years ago, Ctrack adapted and enhanced its driver behaviour technology specifically for the Insurance Industry. “Ctrack’s approach and its Lifestyle Fitment Centres located around South Africa also played a major role in the successful conclusion of the relationship”. says du Rand.

Ctrack GPS/GPRS (GSM) and RF technology offers Discovery telematics information that allows for live and accurate driver behaviour information relating to harsh cornering, braking and acceleration as well as the location and time of day or night spent driving. In addition, this type of technology allows Discovery to offer its clients many value added features such a SARS accepted Logbook, state of the art vehicle tracking and automated emergency response through integration with Discovery Health’s emergency response services .

“We view our technology and products as ‘intelligent solutions’ and recovering stolen vehicles is only a by-product of the services we render. Our technology has the ability to generate data that already started to revolutionise the short-term insurance industry as it is known today. In partnership with Discovery, our goal is to further advance the use of telematics in this particular industry while servicing their clients with the best possible interactive telematics solution. We envisioned this advancement and partnership for a long time and I am very pleased to see it realising today” says Nick Vlok CEO DigiCore Holdings Ltd.

About DigiCore and Ctrack

• Founded in the nineties DigiCore Holdings Ltd listed on the JSE Johannesburg Stock Exchange in 1998. The company specialises in the research, development, manufacturing, sales and support of technology advanced GPS fleet management, vehicle tracking and personal tracking solutions, sold globally.

• The design and development of these products are done in Centurion, South Africa and the products are manufactured at DigiCore’s ISO certified facility in Durban, South Africa. DigiCore’s technology is patented world wide and all IP used in Ctrack belongs to DigiCore.

• DigiCore, under the Ctrack brand, offers a wide range of personal tracking, vehicle location, fleet management, satellite navigation, workflow, mobile job planning and security tools – Ctrack is able to provide private individual, commercial vehicle, van and car fleet operators with cost-effective and scalable solutions that offer a unique combination of flexibility, reliability and functionality.

• DigiCore currently exports approximately 50% of its production. The Group has sold over 500,000 units since listing and boasts with clients internationally such as Royal Mail (UK), Thames Water, BHP Billiton, SAPS, Network Rail, etc.

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