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  • Ctrack Technology scrutinised at Gerotek test day and media event Gerotek South Africa has a steadfast reputation as one of the best independent, objective consultation test facilities in the world.   This multi-disciplinary organisation based near Hartebeespoort dam set the scene for Ctrack’s field test day for its latest telematics product testing on 25 April 2013. Under test were three categories of vehicles: small family car, crossover ... Read more
  • Risk mitigation in focus for fleet industry, says Standard Bank With more than 700 000 fleet cards in circulation, the South African fleet management industry is already a major force in offering fleet management solutions. The use of pioneering technology is also seeing the industry evolve to being better able to better control risk for customers, says Standard Bank. Briefing media at a Standard Bank media ... Read more
  • Discovery Insure provides an antidote for petrol prices increase South African drivers have found their wallets to be considerably dented after the last petrol increase, not so long ago, when petrol and diesel prices increased by 93c. As of today, the petrol prices have increased by a further 21c a litre for 93 grade petrol, and by 23c a litre for 95 grade petrol. ... Read more
  • South Africans over optimistic about their health and the safety of their drivingOver the past year, Discovery conducted several surveys among South African employees and its Discovery Insure members to determine how they rated their state of health and their driving abilities. The results of these surveys show that people’s perceptions of themselves and ... Read more
  • Will the science of telematics save young driver from unaffordable car insurance premiums? With car insurance premiums escalating it becomes more important to individualise car insurance premiums and tailor them to the risks presented by specific drivers. Data from the UK has revealed that young drivers in the UK have to pay up to 20% of their salary on their car insurance premiums! It is also no longer possible ... Read more
  • UK based car insurer Coverbox partners with Ctrack for Insurance Telematics The Car Insurance industry is abuzz with developments in technology and ways to better measure driver behaviour. The accurate measurement of driver behaviour through vehicle telematics is seen as the best way to reduce car insurance premiums for safe drivers. In the UK, where vehicle owners may not drive uninsured, special concern has been raised ... Read more
  • Driver Behaviour Measurement the Path to Affordable Car Insurance Premiums It appears that even the politicians have seen the light on the path towards affordable car insurance premiums! The Independent reports that in the UK Prime Minister David Cameron is adding his voice of support to the process of using “black boxes” as a tool to measure driver behaviour and reduce car insurance premiums, especially ... Read more
  • TomTom announces partnership in the insurance telematics industry We have on the Car Insurance Blog discussed Insurance Telematics and expressed the belief that this industry is expected to increase significantly over the next few years. South Africa has been a leader both in the fleet management technology and the insurance products available to measure driving behaviour and reward responsible drivers. Yesterday it was ... Read more
  • How will a lift club impact on your car insurance? The issue of lift clubs is dealt with in the National Land Transport Act. Section 69 states that the Minister may make regulations for a lift club or operations of a lift club, however there has not been any regulations made in terms of that section. What do you know about operating a lift club and ... Read more
  • Study challenges the belief that women are bad at parking Do you believe that women are poor at parking? We have always believed that even though we accept that women may be safer driving, they are not as good as the male drivers when it comes to parking a vehicle! A new study might however challenge these beliefs! I have come across an article by Murray ... Read more