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In the past few years the Arrive Alive website has been approached by many new operators in the transport and small business industry – many of these providing weekend transport to those who go “on the night out”! It is of the utmost importance for road safety that we remove the drunk and impaired drivers from the roads. There is consensus amongst road safety officials that the answer to achieving this is enforcement – not only enforcement from our traffic officials – bit more important, self-enforcement!

The more road users we find self-breathalysing and monitoring their blood alcohol levels, the lesser the risk on our roads. The best advice however remains to use a designated or a zero alcohol level driver. This can either be a friend who is not drinking or a driver from a company who provides this facility at a price.

We usually look at the designated driver from a safety and sober driving perspective only. Bit are you aware how important this might be for your car Insurance premium?

Importance of the Designated Driver for Car Insurance

Get cash rewards from MiWayTo consider the importance of the designated driver we should emphasize a few important aspects used in the calculation of car insurance premium:

  • The insured car
  • The insured driver
  • The distance driven
  • The time of the day that you drive
  • The area where you drive
  • Claims history etc

Through the application of the data provided by vehicle telematics these are factors that have become of ever increasing importance to the insurance company. Your car insurer will be aware that the greatest risk to car insurance claims is young drivers driving at night and especially on Friday and Saturday evenings. Driving at these times by young drivers is most often associated with speeding, impaired driving and not only by the driver of that specific vehicle, but also other road users sharing the roads.

By rather pooling funds and paying the designated driver you may be able to save on the risks to your car insurer. You will be driving less at these dangerous times and reduce the risks of unnecessary insurance claims not only brought about by your own driving , but also the fender benders and more serious damage from other impaired drivers! Not only may you avoid increases brought about by additional claims, but you will also be able to travel less with your own vehicle.

We would like to urge all our vehicle owners to do some research on designated driving companies in the area where they live. Keep their numbers on your cellular phones and stay on the safe side- ALWAYS!!

A very important aspect to keep in mind is always “How much is too much to drink before I drive?”

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One thought on “The designated driver may be the secret weapon in the battle for cheaper car insurance

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    South Africans are notorious for breaking the law by driving under the influence of alcohol, and we feel that this is mostly due to alternatives being too expensive and offering slow pick-up times. Therefore, we have strived to keep our rates as low as possible, and our customer service of the highest quality!

    Be wise, STOP DRINKING AND DRIVING! Save our number, and remember to give us a call the next time you overindulge.Tel:             0861 464 663      We drive, you survive! Free membership!Available for functions!Non-Members welcome!Female driver teams available on request for female clients!Rapid response time – waiting driver teams are deployed on scooters at key locations!

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