Robbers-tracked-down-by-PoliceVehicle theft is one of the most important reasons why you cannot dare drive around an uninsured vehicle in South Africa. It was reported earlier today that four men have been arrested after the discovery of a stolen vehicle at a chop shop in Sebokeng in Gauteng.

These men were arrested after police received a tip-off about the location of a stolen silver VW Golf. The police investigated and found the vehicle in pieces at the described location.

The car was identified as stolen after police seized and examined certain vehicle body parts.

The four men, aged between 24 and 31, were charged with theft and possession of a stolen motor vehicle, and will appear in court next week.

In another, even more alarming report a businessman was hijacked by 2 persons presenting themselves at policemen. They were in police uniform, wearing reflective jackets with the word “Police” on it.

Vehicle theft and hijackings are a part of the criminal scene in South Africa. It should not only be the Police and the Insurance company responsible for protecting your interests. The vehicle owner should also be vigilant and assist with measures to prevent vehicle loss!

This can be done through safety measures such as layered vehicle security, Datadot technology and even by being more alert to criminal activity and providing information to the Police! Community policing and attention to safety may reduce vehicle related crimes and help to keep car insurance premiums to affordable levels!

We would like to share a few blog posts on advice that could prevent vehicle loss:

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