trucks-on-the-roadHow many vehicles in South Africa at 1 November 2009? We are pleased to share the data provided by our friends from eNaTIS. This data is an eye opener to those concerned about road safety. Only with access to this data can we design road safety strategies and address specific concerns!

I was fortunate to recently attend the opening of the Highway Wellness Centre in Harrismith. I must admit that I was in awe at the amount of heavy trucks passing by and stopping at this wellness centre. This re-affirmed the belief that we need to focus our attention on the fitness of truck drivers, driver tiredness etc.

How many trucks do you think are driving on the roads of South Africa? The statistics reveal that there are 321 056 registered Trucks (Heavy load vehicles GVM > 3500kg)!

We would like to share the live data – Statistics at your fingertips

Live vehicle population, September/October 2009 (including month-on-month movements)
New vehicle registrations, October 2009 (including year-on-year movements)
Used vehicle registrations, October 2009 (including year-on-year movements)

Also view on the Arrive Alive website:

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6 thoughts on “Vehicle statistics in South Africa 1 November 2009

  1. Vino Pillay

    I need to know how many cars are on our roads by province.

    Thank YOU.

    Vino Pillay
    Mobile: 084 579 1956

  2. Japie Muller

    Good day, how many fleet vehicles do we have in South Africa? How many are truck and cars? Thanks in advance

  3. Laurika Hattingh

    Hi, I need to know the number of registered motorcycles in our country, if possible by province hopefulle for the past 10 years. Number of motorcycles sold each year would be great as well. Doing my Masters, battling to get stats from both Stats SA as well as Dept of Transport.
    Thank you very much.
    Regards Laurika

  4. William Klingenburg

    I like to know the average life cycle of motor cars on South African roads.

  5. Nicolas


    I urgently need to know how many flatbed trucks are in South Africa.

  6. Johan


    I would like to know how many trailers,caravans,boat trailers,vehicles and trucks is registered in South Africa please?

    Thank you

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